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Wix has become quite popular in recent years , among other things due to budget campaigns with stars like Heidi Klum, Jason Statham and Gal Gadot, better known as Wonder Woman. But let’s start with the basics. Today, Wix is ​​the largest player in the website building landscape and hosts a whopping 160 million websites.

Wix Review: Summary

Wix offers an excellent drag-and-drop site builder for creating small websites. Hundreds of free templates are available. Wix offers its own web hosting and domain names (free of charge and for a fee). The App Market makes it easy to add additional features such as photo galleries or e-commerce.

Who Should Use Wix?

Wix Editor Review

Their visually impressive layouts are designed for small businesses, restaurants, online shops and artists such as musicians and photographers. They are optimized for mobile devices and can be jazzed up with one of the numerous apps available in the Wix App Market.

In a way, you can compare Wix with a prefabricated house: the basic structure already exists and cannot be changed. However, you can paint the walls as you wish (choose a theme) and add the furniture you love (photo galleries and other apps).

ToolTester website Wix

In fact, I created our own bilingual corporate website called Tooltester.net . We had a particular design in mind and just needed a quick way to build it. Also, I didn’t want to have to think about security updates, etc., which meant WordPress wasn’t an option.

In the end, I considered both Weebly and Wix (our top rated builders) and chose Wix. With Weebly there was simply no perfect way to make our design look good on mobile devices. Working with the Wix editor was child’s play and offered practical tools such as photo filters and animated texts. However, keep in mind that each website has different requirements before you prepare to swipe your credit card.

Wix pricing options

Wix is available for free as long as you want. If you need professional functions such as your own domain name or e-commerce, you have to choose from one of the premium offers that range from “Combo” to “Business VIP”. The cheapest ad-free tariff with a custom domain name costs $ 13 a month.

wix rating

Now you’re probably wondering if Wix is ​​for you. Let’s find out what’s good and what’s bad about this product: Video review Wix vs. Squarespace Wix Tutorial Wix booking app

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Wix pricing

$ 0Create a free website with Wix ads. Not included: your own domain name.
$ 5Connect Domain Connect your own domain to your Wix site. Wix ads continue to appear on your website. (Plan is not available in all countries).
$ 13Combo Ideal for smaller professional websites. No ads and lots of space.
$ 17Unlimited The right plan if you need a lot of web space (up to 10 GB included).
$ 23Business & E-Commerce It is best to plan to set up an online shop or use premium apps such as Wix Bookings or Wix Hotels. Higher plans (VIP & Unlimited) are also available.

Monthly prices for 1-year contracts; Domain included in selected packages.

In our view, combo is by far the best plan for regular websites without e-commerce. It is ad-free, contains a domain name for 1 year and offers enough storage space for most requirements. Here is our detailed analysis of  Wix’s premium plans .

Advantages and disadvantages of Wix

Advantages Disadvantages

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Wix Review: conclusion

wix recommendation

To be honest, I had my reservations about Wix first because the product wasn’t always easy to recommend. It used to be flash based and always a bit different (like your old classmate who had that strange taste in clothing). Thanks to their endless improvements, however, they have become one of the cool kids who are slowly rising in our rankings and now occupy the top position.

Wix and SEO: can we be friends?

wix seo

They even got John Mueller from Google to publicly declare that Wix’s SEO features are fine for their search engine. So if you don’t plan to rank for an insanely competitive keyword, you shouldn’t have any problems with Wix! Ultimately, SEO depends a lot more on your ability to create great content than on the website builder. However, Wix has an SEO downside due to its relatively slow loading speeds on mobile devices.

Wix’s App Market: all the widgets you will ever need?

One area where they really did everything right is their app store. Most other website builders mostly rely on third-party apps that can be damaged if the company stops supporting them. Wix’s strategy is a little different: You yourself have created more than 80 high-quality apps. These include an appointment planning tool ( Wix Bookings ), the event management app Wix Events , hospitality widgets (Wix Restaurants and Wix Hotels ) as well as photo gallery and video tools. And you can bet there will be more.

Final thoughts

I would recommend it without reservation for smaller websites (no more than 30 pages) that have to look flawless. Why not for larger projects too? Unfortunately, the navigation menu does not really take complex site structures into account because there is only one sub-level. Weebly usually works better for large websites.

Wix offers the largest selection of ready-made designs for every industry. Since after your first selection it is not possible to switch to a new topic, it is more difficult to revise the design of your website (you have to redesign it manually or start from scratch). On a positive note, this limitation enables Wix’s greatest strength: unsurpassed flexibility within the subject of your choice.

And even if you ever want to get into the e-commerce game, you can easily add a shopping cart at a relatively low cost. Read our Wix e-commerce test to learn more.

What Wix has created here is impressive in many ways with a development speed that is almost breathtaking. Just make sure you try the free plan before switching to a paid plan to find out if it’s the right choice for you.